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NRL – Mandatory Stand-Down Period for Concussions to be Brought in for Round 3

In the wake of the recent class action against the AFL, the NRL will join them in implementing a stand down period for concussion for up to 11 days, depending on the severity of the concussion.

The ARL Commission reached the decision on Tuesday night and informed the NRL clubs of the new policy on Wednesday morning.

Players who suffer a category one concussion will be automatically stood down for a minimum of 11 days meaning they could miss two matches, depending on when the previous game was played.

Under the new concussion guidelines brought in throughout the 2022 season, category one symptoms include loss of consciousness, failing to protect oneself when falling and unsteadiness on feet.

A category two concussion means the player has failed the test in the changerooms and is unable to return to the field. A player who receives a category two concussion may be cleared to play without missing a game, provided that they meet with an NRL approved neurologist.

The rule will officially be brought in from the start of round 3 where the Manly Sea Eagles take on the Parramatta Eels, Thursday night at 4 Pines Park.

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