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Greater Western Sydney Giants Season Predictions

Ins: Aaron Cadman (NAB Draft, Pick 1), Toby Bedford (Trade, Melbourne), Jason Gillbee (Category B Rookie), Nick Madden (Category B Rookie), Toby McMullin (NAB Draft, Pick 34), Max Gruzewski (NAB Draft, Pick 22), Darcy Jones (NAB Draft, Pick 21), Harry Rowston (NAB Draft, Pick 16, Academy)

Outs: Jarrod Brander (Delisted), Tanner Bruhn (Trade, Geelong), Matt de Boer (retired), Bobby Hill (Trade, Collingwood), Jacob Hopper (Trade, Richmond), Zach Sproule (Delisted), Jake Stein (Delisted), Tim Taranto (Trade, Richmond)

Draw (what teams twice) : Based on the new weighted draw brought in for the 2023 season, GWS statistically have the 9th easiest/hardest draw. The Giants will play Adelaide, Carlton, Essendon, Hawthorn, Sydney and the Western Bulldogs twice throughout the season.

Forwards:  Toby Bedford, Aaron Cadman, Brent Daniels, Wade Derksen*, Toby Greene, Jesse Hogan, Daniel Lloyd*, Nick Madden*, Toby McMullin, James Peatling*, Jake Riccardi, Connor Stone

Midfielders: Ryan Angwin, Lachlan Ash, Finn Callaghan, Stephen Coniglio, Tom Green, Darcy Jones, Josh Kelly, Xavier O’Halloran, Harry Perryman, Harry Rowston, Callan Ward, Jacob Wehr, Lachie Whitfield

Rucks: Kieren Briggs, Matthew Flynn, Braydon Preuss

Defenders: Leek Aleer, Callum Brown*, Jack Buckley, Isaac Cumming, Phil Davis*, Josh Fahey, Cameron Fleeton, Jason Gillbee*, Max Gruzewski, Cooper Hamilton*, Nick Haynes, Harrison Himmelberg, Connor Idun, Lachlan Keefe, Adam Kennedy, Sam Taylor

Ones to watch: Number 1 draft pick Aaron Cadman will have an immediate spot up forward for the Giants. Although not expected to dominate in his first year, expect Cadman to prove why he was chosen as the first pick last year. Finn Callaghan will improve after his injury troubles last year. His penetrating left foot and pace will be something the Giants will use at every opportunity throughout the season.

Strengths: Without doubt, the Giants strength is their backline. Headed by one of the best one on one defenders in the whole competition Sam Taylor, GWS has the ability to match up on nearly every forward in the league. They have plenty of elite ball users, especially off their half back line and the speed to catch teams on their transition. Although losing several key midfielders, GWS still have plenty of stars in the engine room. Josh Kelly, Stephen Coniglio and Lachie Whitfield will spend more time in midfield this year, plus look for a huge year from future star Tom Green.

Weaknesses:  The Giants have pulled the trigger on their rebuild. Trading some of their established stars such as Tim Taranto and Jacob Hopper will see them not make finals for a few years. Although having one of the most dangerous forwards in Toby Greene, their forward line lacks the ability to kick a winning score consistently, constantly relying on their midfielders to help in this area. Their ruck position has been an interesting talking point since the retirement of Shane Mumford. It seemed at times as if they couldn’t decide whether to stick with Matt Flynn, Brayden Preuss or play both.

General thoughts: Everything points to the GWS being a bottom 4 side this year. Harri Himmelberg will most likely play forward, to help them kick a winning score and take the pressure off Aaron Cadman. Adam Kingsley will be great for the young Giants side, having 15 years of experience as an assistant coach, most recently at Richmond where he experienced premiership success.

Coach Pressure Gauge – 3/10. The Giants head office understand rebuilds and won’t be expecting any miracles straight away from Adam Kingsley in his first year. This year will be all about developing their younger players whilst still trying to be competitive.

Breakout year: Finn Callaghan, Brent Daniels

B&F Winner: Tom Green

Fantasy relevant:

Stephen Coniglio – $892,000 – Mid/Fwd

Tom Green – $752,000 – Mid

Finn Callaghan – $406,000 – Mid

Aaron Cadman – $300,000 – Fwd

Finishing spot prediction: 17th

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