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How the Matilda’s are changing the Sporting Landscape in Australia

This is the beginning of change

We knew this World Cup was going to be significant in the sporting landscape. Still, no one could have predicted the enormity of this contagious fever that has swept across Australia.

The sold-out crowds and the broadcast reach of over a third of the nation will only be a speck of the legacy this current Matilda’s side will leave once their World Cup tilt is over.

For far too long, some have known women’s sports in Australia as a ‘niche market’ and ‘only watched by other women.’

In fact, I will put my hand up right now and say I have not given anywhere near enough attention to the growth and importance of our female Australian stars, especially our teams on the world stage, such as the Diamonds, Opals, Southern Stars, and of course, the Matildas.

The diversity of the fans watching the games, whether from the stands, at home, or the pub with friends, is something that will live longer than us or the Matilda’s could ever imagine.

Men, women, children, and fans from various other sporting codes have banded together to cheer on our national side on the world’s biggest stage.

This Saturday, the Matilda’s will face France at Suncorp Stadium from 5pm AEST, with over 3.5 million people predicted to tune in.

In case we need any more proof of the Matilda’s being needle-movers, Channel 7 have now announced that they will be delaying the news – yes, THE NEWS to allow full access to the game in HD.

The AFL has also delayed the start of their marquee game this weekend between Melbourne and Carlton without fuss, with Matilda’s game to be shown live on the screens inside the MCG in the lead-up to the game.

Most recently, the Change Our Game study found that for every $1 a corporate sponsor invests into the visibility of women’s elite sport, supports the realisation of – on average – $7.29 in customer value for that organisation.

The future that so many women have been fighting for is now here.

Let us embrace it.

Win or lose, just think, one day we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren about ‘that Matilda’s side that changed everything.’


Where to watch:


Australia v France

Date: Saturday, 12 August 2023

Venue: Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane

Pre-Game: 4:00pm (AEST)

Kick-Off: 5:00 pm (AEST)

Broadcast: Optus Sport and Channel 7

Brody is the founder and head of content at Straya Sports. A self-confessed sporting tragic, Brody has covered (and played) nearly every sport imaginable on a variety of different media platforms.

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