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Tszyu vs Ocampo: Fight Time: Live Updates: How to Watch


Tim Tszyu, the undefeated Australian superstar will once again put it all on the line as he faces the dangerous Mexican, Carlos Ocampo (35-2).

The undefeated son-of-a-gun Tszyu will be looking for yet another KO victory after dismantling the outspoken US veteran Tony Harrison in his last outing.

The KO will not come easy for Tszyu however, with Ocampo only being finished once in his career by Errol Spence Jr.

The ‘Mad Bunch’ will once again be back in action as they support their man in Sam Goodman (14-0), up against the undefeated skilled American, Ra’eese Aleem (20-0).

Follow us below for all the action LIVE from 12pm AEST:


Main Card:


The time has come for the Main Event! Who wins? We’re tipping Tszyu in a Round 5 KO via body shot.

Here comes Tim Tszyu, from a shy boy to global superstar. He’s got the swagger tonight. HERE WE GO!


Tim Tszyu vs Carlos Ocampo


Rd 1: Big right hand by both fighters landing early! Tszyu gets him hard early! This could finish EARLY.  THIS IS OVER!! 1:17 into the first round. What a statement.


If you doubted him before you simply cannot anymore. Jermell Charlo…..What’s his motherf****** name?


Sam Goodman vs Ra’eese Allem:


This one here is going to be a belter. The ‘Mad Bunch’ is up and about.

Aleem makes his entrance, for his first fight ever outside of the USA. “The Beast” goes into this bout as the bookies favourite.

Here comes Sam Goodman to the tune of Seven Nation Army looking sharp and focussed. The 24 year old Australian will undoubtedly have the crowd on his side in his toughest test so far.


Result: Sam Goodman by Split Decision (112-116), (116-112), (117-111)


Rd 12: Aleem comes out swinging! Plenty of urgency from Aleem as Goodman wears a couple. Both fighters going at each other, what a fight! Goodman landing some body shots late followed by a great one from Aleem. WOW. Great perfmance. 10-9 Goodman

116-112 Goodman

Rd 11: Aleem knows he’s behind and coming out more aggressive. Goodman continues to clip and utilise the jab well. Good left hook followed by a right by Goodman. Aleem continues to target the body of Goodman. Great shot late by Aleem! 10-9 Goodman.. Just

106 – 103 Goodman

Rd 10: Goodman rushes out of the corner. Continues to push forward and counter Aleem. Great jab by Aleem. Goodmans footwork has been exceptional this fight. Aleem sitting back trying to pick his shot. Close Round. 10-9 Goodman

96 – 94 Goodman

Rd 9: Good hook by Aleem lands followed by a great combination from Goodman. Good body shots by Aleem as he charges forward. This is a great high-quality fight. Both fighters landing plenty without heavy hits. Not the boxing clinic Main Event are calling in Goodmans favour. 10-9 Aleem

86-85 Goodman 

Rd 8: Goodman picks up the tempo early and lands a good combination. Goodman landing the heavier hits as he moves forward. Good body shot by Aleem. Good counter-hook by Goodman. Both fighters landing plenty. 10-9 Goodman

77-75 Goodman

Rd 7: Better by Goodman in this round. Found his range with counter hooks and marches forward. Aleem throwing wildly whilst Goodman using his footwork. 10-9 Goodman 

67-66 – Goodman

Rd 6: Aleem continues his aggressive approach. Goodman using his footwork as Aleem begins to throw heavier punches. Aleem looks to be throwing off balance slightly. Another 50/50 round for me. Will give this one to Aleem 10-9 Aleem


Rd 5: Aleem comes out slightly more aggressive this round. Goodman sitting back picking his punches as the Mad Bunch gains voice singing ‘HEY BABY’. Aleem much more aggressive but still getting tagged by Goodman. 50/50 10-9 Aleem

48-47 Goodman

Rd 4: Both fighters trying to land jabs early. Goodman controlling the ring movement. Aleem struggling to land on Goodman compared to his other fights. No heavy hits this round. 10-9 Goodman

39-37 Goodman

Rd 3: Goodman working the jab again early in the round. Aleem looking for the counter. Both fighters trading punches against the ropes. Both fighters throwing plenty this round, fitness will play a huge factor in later rounds. 10-9 Goodman

29-28 Goodman

Rd 2: Goodman opens the 2nd round moving forward and connecting with several jabs to Aleem. Goodman lands a great counter hook to Aleem! Good combo by Aleem, doesn’t faze Goodman. Jab looks super important for Goodman in this fight. 10-9 Goodman


Rd 1: Aleem catches Goodman early with an early left. Both fighters landing early punches, nothing heavy landing yet. Plenty of quick action early as Aleem slips through one through to the body. Great finish to the round by Aleem.

10-9 Aleem


Interview with Carlos Ocampo – “This will end early in my favour”.


Footage of Tim Tszyu getting his hands wrapped as Nikita mentions on the broadcast he will take Ocampo apart with body shots, Tim (listening to the live broadcast) smiles and gives the camera a wink and thumbs up.

“I want to sniff blood” says the Soultaker.


Hassan Hamdan vs Justin Frost:

Hamdan returns to boxing for the first time in a year and enters first surrounded his coach and former boxing legend, Jeff Fenech.

Justin Frost enters to the eerie sound of live bagpipes. The ‘Iceman’s’ trademark blue hair is shining bright as per usual.

Rd 1: Both fighters feeling each other out early, Hamdan jabbing away early, nothing big getting through in the first minute. Hamdan lands a good one-two combination, doesn’t faze Frost whatsoever. Hamdan landing heavy hits to end the round. Strong start by the challenger, takes the first round 10-9
10-9 Hamdan

Rd 2: Adjustment by Frost, getting under the Hamdan jab early in the round. Frost moving better this round. Great body shot by Hamdan! Frost copping the hits from Hamdan and talking back to him. Frost controlling the ring walking towards Hamdan but getting caught by several counters.

20-18 Hamdan

Rd 3: Hamdan comes firing! Nearly drops Frost. Justin Frost keeps walking forward despite getting caught. This round has been brutal for Frost, Hamdan’s left is hitting him hard! Frost trying to lure him into the corner talking to Hamdan saying “it’s only a 10-9”.

30-27 Hamdan

Rd 4: Frost comes out stronger in the start. Early punches not landing by both fighters. Hamdan trying to keep distance whilst Frost trying to get inside. Hamdan show-boats and a headclash opens up a big cut on his eye! What happens here!? Doctor calls for a stop but referee overrules! WOW. Both fighters end the round landing several punches. We now have enough rounds completed for a decision if a stoppage is called.

39-37 Hamdan

Yep that’s called off, massive controversy here. If referee listened to doctor it would’ve been a No Contest. Listened to Fenech and Hamdan rather than doctor. Very interesting. We have it 39-37 Hamdan

Result: Hassan Hamdan (40-36) – UD

Both agreed after the fight to run it back again in a rematch.


Tim Tszyu has arrived in style.

With his entourage in tow, the ‘Soultaker’ looks calm and collected as he steps out of the cadillac.


Ricky Ogden vs Mark Schleibs:


Plenty of talk in the lead up between these two combatants, this one may not go the distance. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentleman.

Rd 1: Wow! What a start to this one, Ricky Ogden has knocked down Schleibs with an excellent right inside the first minute. Schleibs in big trouble against the ropes. Ogden knocks down Schleibs for the second time, Schleibs looks in trouble here.

ITS ALL OVER! 3 knockdowns inside the first round. What a statement by Ricky Ogden!

Result – Ricky Ogden (KO)



What time does it start?

The prelims for Tszyu v Ocampo begin at 10am AEST, whereas the main card will begin at 12pm AEST.

The main event ringwalks are expected to happen around 4:30pm AEST.


Where to watch?

Boxing fans in Australia can watch all the action from Tszyu v Ocampo card on Fox Sports, Kayo and Main Event.

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